South Jersey has become a great spot for craft beer drinkers.

I recently put out my list of my 12 favorite IPA beers in the area, but South Jersey has so much more to offer than just great IPA's.

Some people prefer the rich, malty flavors of amber ales and copper lager over the hoppiness of a IPA.

Well, South Jersey should be proud that our state has been named home to one of the best dark lagers of all-time.

One exceptional brew from The Seed: A Living Beer Project in Atlantic City has been named among Untappd’s All-Time Top-Rated Dark Lagers.

Untapped is one of the top beer apps for beer aficionados, which allows beer drinkers to rate the beers they've tried and see how others have rated them.

10 dark lager beers in all were mentioned, with beers from New Zealand, Colorado, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Philadelphia, New York, Vermont and Canada.

As Simple As Shadows? – The Seed: A Living Beer Project

What they are saying about Simple as Shadows?

Whereas many of the dark lagers you find on this list take inspiration from the Czech Republic, The Seed’s As Simple As Shadows? leans German, brewed with Rabbit Hill pilsner malt and specialty malts.

Also registering a 4.12 rating on Untappd, this German-style dark lager pours a dark brown and drinks with notes of earthy cocoa, light roasted malt, and mild smokiness. More like a schwarzbier.

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