Are you looking to book your next vacation but are waiting for the prices for flights to come down?

You just might be in luck.

According to the app Hopper, this Tuesday, Nov. 28, is their biggest sales ever.  A day they are calling #TravelDealTuesday.

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We have heard over the years that booking flights on Tuesday is generally the cheapest day to book flights, but there is no exact science to this.

Now, Hopper is telling us, they are having their biggest sale ever this Tuesday.

How did I find out about this deal? I am looking to book flights for a couple of upcoming trips, but prices have been outrageous so far.  I searched for a flight on Hopper and they sent me an app alert to my phone, notifying me that Tuesday was their biggest sale of the year.

A flight from Atlantic City to Tampa in March is currently $672 round trip, and that's before the bag fees and everything else that comes with booking flights these days.  How much will I save on Tuesday from Hopper?  I'm not sure, but I will certainly be looking to see if there is a discount.

By the way, Hopper does more than just flights, they also do hotels and are advertising over 80 destinations at between 35-50% off.  They also do rental cars.

If you are looking to book a trip, take a look at Tuesday's deal and let me know if you got a deal.

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