What's the coolest thing in London?

There is so much to see, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower Bridge are just a few of the sites you can see in the United Kingdom.

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The Phillies and Mets are just a small part of the daily scene in London, as Phillies fans have covered the streets, in anticipation of their game against the New York Mets.

Even the players have taken the chance to take all the sights of London, but one thing stood out to Bryce Harper over everything else.

Nobody on their phones. Everyone disconnected and talking to each other.

As Harper explained,  he saw people outside of the pub, drinking and talking to each other,  and not on their phones.

Harper and the Phillies are part of this year's London Series,  which is being played at London Stadium.

There has been plenty of MLB Takeover action at Trafalgar Square, with both teams being represented and tons of fans in attendance....including me!

Photo: Mike Gill
Photo: Mike Gill

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