Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you to Sunday School or dropped you off at Summer Camp, you had fun for a few hours and then you had to go home, hoping to go back again soon? Well, we have the adult version for those who love to pair Wine with the perfect combination of meats and cheeses.

Raffa's Charcuterie and Fine Foods are hosting a twice-a-month workshop they call "Sunday School" where you can learn how to build a charcuterie box plus learn tips from a professional on how to pair meats and cheeses together for your next house party or family gathering. Whether you want to learn the best combinations of meats and cheeses or always wanted to know how to make your own charcuterie box, this is a great activity for a Sunday afternoon.

Originally opened in July of 2022, Raffa's is located on Pleasure Avenue near the corner of 40th Street and the storefront faces the Sea Isle City Boardwalk. They are a one-stop store for grab-and-go charcuterie plus plenty of fine cheese selections and grocery-related to what most people associate with charcuterie. After they offered classes during the Winter Holiday Season, Raffa's is bringing back the workshops for the Summer Season.

I spoke with Vanessa DeRose from Raffa's in Sea Isle City and she spoke about what people can expect from this workshop:

"We start the class with a little history of how we got our start, our love of cheese, (I mean) everyone’s love of cheese really. Then we dive into building the box, starting with the description of the different meats we put in our boxes, and the different cheeses. We teach the salami rose and chain, different flavor profiles of meat, and then how to cut and style the cheese (along with) their flavor profiles. I guide folks through each step, (answer the questions) they ask questions and they learn a lot about how cheese is made and (their) regions of origin."

If you want to attend Charcuterie "Sunday School", you must pre-register online here 24 hours ahead of 12pm on Sunday or you can call Raffa's in Sea Isle City for more information at (609) 263-1221. The workshop costs $45 per person and according to Vanessa, many participants BYO and "enjoy a libation with their friends". I am one of those people who would bring my own wine to share with my friends when attending this workshop!

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