Tuesday Night's loss to the Blue Jackets was disheartening for the Flyers.  They had a 2-0 lead then just a minute later on the clock it was a 2-2 game going to Overtime.

Flyers Radio Voice Steve Coates says that what happened Tuesday night has been a problem for the Flyers all season:

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


"That has been the 'Achilles Heel' of this hockey club this season is these last minute goals. When the first one went in I felt so sorry for Steve Mason because he was just absolutely unbelievable in that hockey game, 52 shots on net and then all of a sudden a re-direction from the point. He couldn't have stopped that, there's just no way to stop that"


Coates went on say how they can fix this:

"I think that this is something they got to rectify is that they can't allow the shot from the outside. That's where they're getting themselves in trouble. I think they gotta maybe change it around, be a little bit more aggressive of getting to the shooter because it has happened so many times. I think its 6 times that's happened this season."

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