Despite the Eagles insisting that Sam Bradford will be their starting Quarterback to start the 2016 NFL season, his agent Tom Condon has gone public with his client's wish to be traded.  NFL Network Contributor Lloyd Vance, a guest of Rich Quinones on Friday Afternoon, says that trade may happen by September but there are obstacles to the Eagles unloading Bradford sooner:

"He's not good enough in the NFL to justify all the money that he's getting and a lot of General Managers, Personnel people around the (NFL)  just don't think he's worth it. And now he steps out kind of a malcontent, not ready to be a team player and let's face it the Eagles paid him a ton of money and he's under contract so he should come in, in my opinion, keep his mouth shut and just be a good soldier, collect the money like he has always done through out his career, gotten big money. Who is he to dictate terms? The team's not happy with him and he's kinda gotta see where he is. But let's face it's still very early in the process and I know a lot of people want to get rid of him right away, it's only April-May right now and I don't think by September he will be on (Eagles) roster....They're going to try and find a place for him and let's remember the key thing is injuries. So you always see someone get hurt around the start of training camp, within in training camp, and maybe that might help give some leverage to the Eagles. But right now they don't have any leverage, you would hope it doesn't get to a situation where they just outright release him like they did last year with Evan Mathis. I know that was Chip Kelly but that does happen. But they've paid (Bradford) a lot of money, 11 million dollar signing bonus, and then they'd have to eat that and that would not be a good look for their front office."

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