PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia Eagles fans collectively held their breath early in the 40-17 preseason win over the Baltimore Ravens Saturday night. Quarterback Sam Bradford made his first appearance in an Eagles jersey and quickly took a big hit. Bradford has suffered a pair of torn ACL injuries on his knees and has not played a regular season game since 2013.

Sam Bradford played one series in Saturday's preseason game against the Ravens, completing 3-of-5 passes for 35 yards. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Bradford handed the ball off early in his only series of the game and was promptly hit hard in the knees by Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs. Some Eagles players called it a dirty play.

"I think he was taking a cheap shot at the quarterback like that," stated Eagles Tackle Jason Peters. "I'm pretty sure he planned it."

"I was kind of shocked because he is a vet," Eagles Linebacker Brandon Graham said. "It kind of surprised me."

Several players exchanged some words with Suggs after the hit. Bradford briefly touched on it in his postgame news conference. "I think that is what he was trying to do. I was a little upset. I'm not sure I could repeat what I said to him."

Suggs believes he did nothing wrong and should not have been given a penalty.

"When you run the read option you have to know the rules," Suggs told the media after the game. "If you want to run the read option with your starting quarterback that's had two knee surgeries, that's on you."

Suggs may end up seeing his wallet get a little lighter after the hit. Peters said he would be in favor of that, "I hope so. He hit him low and tried to hit him around his knees."

None of the Philadelphia Eagles got to speak with Suggs about the hit after the game. He did not shake any of their hands and quickly made his way to the locker room. Peters told the media after the game that it fits Suggs' personality, "He talks a lot and I think he is that type of player, dirty, and takes shots at the quarterback."