This week my family and I are going to the very spot where in my opinion Tony Soprano got whacked. I know that cut-to-black ending still has people debating if Tony was offed or if he just had a heart attack from those killer onion rings but either way, my family and I are going to sit where Tony Soprano had his last super this week and I can't wait. Do you want to go too?  No problem. Holsten's burger, sandwich, and ice cream shop in Bloomfield, New Jersey will welcome you (and thousands of others) with open arms.

Holsten's has the best old-fashioned ice cream...they serve it in these ice-cold metal bowls the way it should be. Honestly, why doesn't everyone do that?

Photo credit: Holsten's Facebook

They've been in business since 1939 and they do more than ice cream, egg creams, and old-fashioned malts.  They also serve up a great burger or sandwich and for dessert they make their own homemade candy.  They've been doing so since 1939!

Photo credit: Holstons Facebook

As you can imagine, business is booming since The Many Saints of Newark prequel hit the movies. Everyone and their brother wants to take a photo sitting in the Soprano booth and I'm no different.  After James Gandolfini died of a heart attack at age 51 in Italy back in 2013, Holsten's put a sign up in the famous booth. The table turned into a shrine for weeks after he passed.  The sign is still there and it reads,

"This Booth Reserved For The Soprano Family"

and yes, you can sit there if you are willing to wait for that table to open up.

Photo credit: Holston's Facebook cast of The Many Saints of Newark at Tony Sopranos last table

Manager, Karl Schneider could not be more excited about the resurgence.  Of course, they are selling merch and you know you are getting a Sopranos shirt if you go!  They are pretty tired of telling customers which seat was Tony's so you should know going's the third booth in the middle row. There, I just spared you an eye roll...ya welcome.

I'll update you guys with pics once we take them!

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