Tennis tends to be a befuddling sport that tries the patience and resolve of those who attempt to master it. Even the globe’s greatest players look perplexed at times, proving that consistency is often fleeting on the court.

That’s why Katie Garthaus refuses to slow the pace of her pursuit to become a more improved player. The 15-year-old Egg Harbor Township resident understands that tennis skills must be consistently honed, like any craft.

“I play 365 days a year,” said Garthaus. “I do not take days off, I do not take breaks, and I know that I have to constantly work harder and more than everybody else to get to where I want to be.”

Garthaus’ seriousness about the sport didn’t take a summer break. The rising sophomore spends time away from school on the court and in the gym, gaining increased confidence and capabilities along the way.

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