The Philadelphia 76ers stayed perfect on Wednesday night, but had to finish the game without their star center Joel Embiid against the Minnesota Timberwolves. They were leading the game 77-55 in the third quarter of the game, when a brawl forced both teams big men to exit the game.

Both Embiid and T'Wolves center Karl-Anthony Towns got tangled up, shoving each other ]while the Sixers pushed the ball upcourt.  Then it was Towns, who threw a punch that missed, before putting Embiid in a headlock.

"We deemed the altercation a fight. Therefore, by rule, they’re both ejected," said crew chief Mark Ayotte. "I just saw them each lock arms. And that escalated to the fight."

The result of the events got both players were tossed from the game, which Embiid discussed after the game, saying the didn't think he wouldn't be suspended for his actions in the brawl, claiming he didn't throw a punch.

Ben Simmons, was also involved in the scrum, he had Towns in a choke hold, but did not get ejected from the game.

"Yes, we deemed him a peacemaker," Ayotte said.

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