The Phillies opened their season for the second straight year with Jeremy Hellickson as the number one starter.  After finishing the 2016 season with a 12-10 record while posting a 3.71 ERA, Hellickson has exceeded expectations so far in 2017 with a 4-0 record, compiling a 1.80 ERA and only allowing 21 Hits in 30 Innings Pitched.

Seth Everett of NBC Sports Radio joined Mike Gill on Tuesday and discussed the development of Jeremy Hellickson, who was a top prospect in the Tampa Bay Rays organization early in his career:

"Everybody always thought he was a monster talent; this was a huge prospect and injuries got really into his way....I just like the fact that he seems to have the right attitude, the right makeup, and a level of confidence and it's big because (the Phillies) need to have some type of veteran.  Just to use the Braves as an example....this idea that they went for guys who never really reached the peak of their careers....But that's okay, that's fine, look at the results that you have.  And any scout that sees Hellickson says he's so much of a smarter pitcher then when he first came out."

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