It’s virtual, and it will start at 5 pm next Thursday, April 7.

Conducted by the NJ Marine Fisheries Council, this April get-together (well, it was before COVID-concern cancellations) is the deciding time for the bag limit and dates of the summer flounder (fluke) and sea bass seasons. The porgies (scup) size limit will also be discussed and decided upon.

No doubt about it, though. It’s the fluke decision that is generating the most excitement because, for the first time in years, there can be an increase in either the season length, a reduction in the minimum length, a possible slot fish, and maybe an increase in the bag from three to four fish.

TSM, Tom P.
TSM, Tom P.

The options, all five of them, come from a 16% bump in recreational fluke harvest allocation. Sea bass anglers will take it on the chin, as a 20% cut in the recreational take looms. For porgies, it will be an increase in the minimum length from nine to 10 inches.

But back to the flatties. The status quo is three fish at an 18-inch minimum and a 121 day season.

The options for 2022 look like this:

Option 1: three at an 18-inch minimum and a 154 day season.

Option 2: four at an 18-inch minimum and a 137 day season.

Option 3: three at a 17.5-inch minimum and a 126 day season.

Option 4: three at a 17-inch minimum and a 101 day season.

Option 5: two at 17 to 17.99 inches and one at 18 inches or greater, and a 150 day season.

Information on how to log in to register for the webinar meeting will be posted on the Council’s website at least three days prior to the April 7 date. Go to for more information.

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