Cancel the "Welcome Back" parade.

Kimmo Timonen's first game back from blood clots in both lungs and his right calf won't be played for the Flyers.

Timonen, who turns 40 next month, was traded Friday night to the Chicago Blackhawks for a 2015 second-round pick and conditional 2016 draft pick. It could be as low as a fourth-rounder, but if Timonen plays half the games in the Western Conference finals and Chicago advances to the Stanley Cup finals, it becomes a second-round pick.

"I think you're not only getting a player, but you're getting a damn good person here too," Flyers general manager Ron Hextall said, "and a guy that's gonna work hard every day. He's a consummate professional. He's gonna have a good influence on Chicago and players like this don't fall off trees."

Timonen is one of the Flyers' all-time best defensemen in his seven seasons in Philly. He won the Barry Ashbee Trophy, as the team's best defenseman, five times including each of the past three seasons.

While the trade may have come as a surprise to some, considering Timonen was pegging Saturday's Flyers-Rangers game as his first game back this season, the deal had been in the works for weeks.

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