The NHL's offseason began Monday after the Flyers' biggest rival won the Stanley Cup Sunday night. Next week is an opportunity for the Flyers to get one step closer to catching up to the Pittsburgh Penguins at the draft. As of now, they sit at No. 18.

Things are about to pick up, so what better time to open up the mailbag and see what draft and offseason questions there are?

Take this with the disclaimer that I haven't seen any of these players play live, but based on what I've heard I would take Julian Gauthier because I think he fits exactly what the Flyers need. The organization doesn't have many big forwards and Gauthier's frame is already an NHL size. He is a pure goalscorer and works hard. That said, hard work is a Dave Hakstol staple and the forechecking ability of Kieffer Bellows is more his type. The son of Brian Bellows wouldn't be a bad pick, either. He too can score, but has a slightly smaller frame than Gauthier (who is the nephew of one-time Flyers defenseman Denis). As for the other two — and again, this is with somewhat limited information — Kunin strikes me as Travis Konecny Lite. Max Jones, while having clear potential, seems more likely to end up like a Tom Wilson type – a big physical forward who could score if he put his mind to it, but too much of a project to be a first-round pick.