VOORHEES — The last two years haven’t been prime Valentine’s Days for the Flyers as they look at the standings.

They’re not feeling the love, not yet anyway. If last year is any indication, maybe there’s still time. Entering Tuesday night’s action the Flyers were tied with Toronto for the last spot in the Eastern Conference playoff race, but the Maple Leafs had two games in hand.

“That spot’s there for us to take,” captain Claude Giroux said. “We’re in control of us making the playoffs or not. We know we can play better. We had so many games this year that we didn’t get the results we wanted, but we played how we wanted, so we just gotta stay with it.”

Some think it’s still too early to even bother looking at the standings, after all the Flyers do have nearly a third of their schedule left. Others don’t check every day but have a vague idea of where things stand as they look at the scores around the league every night.

The bottom line is that the Flyers will need to make a push like they did last year.

On Valentine’s Day last year, the Flyers were...

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