In all the Flyers’ struggles on the power play, there’s a name that hasn’t been called during broadcasts of recent games.

Scott Hartnell.

The 30-year-old All-Star left wing is on injured reserve with a broken bone in his left foot and he is the power play sniper the Flyers are desperately missing. Sixteen of his 37 goals last season came on the man advantage. Now all he can do is sit at home with his foot elevated and watch.

“It’s probably the worst part about being the athlete is being sidelined and watching on TV or in the stands,” Hartnell said. “It definitely gives you motivation to do the rehab and get back as quickly as you can.”

After a week away from his teammates while they were on the road, Hartnell saw them again Wednesday at the Skate Zone, where he has begun doing upper-body workouts. The next step in his rehab will come next week when he meets with Dr. Steven Raikin and hopes the surgeon allows him to trade in his cast for a walking boot.