(February 24, 2021): On Wednesday's edition of Football at Four, Geoff Mosher joins The Sports Bash talking:

*How limited will the Eagles be with their Salary Cap in preventing them from signing Free Agents this offseason

*Importance of signing a Veteran Backup Quarterback to be in the QB Room with Jalen Hurts

*Who are some of the players the Eagles may have to release or trade in order to be Salary Cap Compliant before the start of the new NFL League Year

*What kind of Trade Market can we expect for the Eagles to move Zach Ertz

*What message is being sent that the Eagles are releasing Desean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery

*Perspective on the Eagles and other NFL teams moving on from the Quarterbacks they drafted in the First Round of the NFL Draft in the last several years

*Why are some people so quick to dismiss or move on from Jalen Hurts getting the opportunity to be the Eagles Starting Quarterback next season

*Should the Eagles try to maximize trade values by moving on from some veteran players earlier than they want to

*Would it make sense for the Eagles to trade out of the Sixth Overall pick to get more Draft Picks in this and next year's drafts

*Impact of lack of growth to the NFL Salary Cap for the 2021 League Year on the Eagles Financial Pinch

*How much of the Eagles salary cap issues part of the aftermath of the organization trying to keep the window open for their championship contention

(Geoff Mosher is an NFL Reporter and Eagles Insider who Co-Hosts "Inside The Birds Podcast" along with writing for Insidethebirds.com)

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