SCRIPTUALS: Freeh Report's findings vs. Joe Paterno's testimony. Legwork by the AP.

SCRIPTUALS: The Best Of: Freeh Report Findings edition, Compliments of Deadspin.

SCRIPTUALS: Yes, the Patriot-News confirms, the people of Penn State really are delusional. Even now.

SCRIPTUALS: According to the Freeh report, former university president Graham Spanier (1) knew about the 1998 police investigation of Sandusky, (2) finagled emeritus status (and annual financial perks for it) upon his retirement and (3) approved (if not orchestrated) a plan to keep a 2001 incident in a shower with a boy from police. According to the Patriot-News, those are crimes. All of them.

SCRIPTUALS: Sarah Ganim wants to know: Why were the Freeh report findings so drastically different from what then-Pennsylvania state district attorney Tom Corbett (yes, that Tom Corbett) found way back when? (AUDIO) Ganim wedged into Freeh's Thursday presser a question about it. Good one, too. ESPN: The Mag implicated Corbett back in April, writing that he used the scandal to pry Paterno from the head coaching helm. Not to, like, do good and stuff.

SCRIPTUALS: The Big Ten Network (run by Fox Sports, coverage (you'd think) would include Penn State) decides not to air Louis Freeh's 10 a.m. presser in Philadelphia an hour after the release of the Freeh report. Outrage ensues. Among them, Richard Dietsch (SI) -- who got the movement moving last November. Though he wasn't the only one.

SCRIPTUALS: Melissa Dribben of with on-campus reaction scoopage: Apparently somebody at "We Are U" couldn't bear the thought of CNN's 9 a.m. coverage of the release of the report, and switched the channel of all the student center TVs to public access programming.

VIDEO (CNN): Louis Freeh reports.

VIDEO (PBS NewsHour): Penn State responds.

VIDEO (ESPN): Jay Paterno defends. (While Tom Rinaldi gives maybe the interview of his life.)

VIDEO (Current): Buzz Bissinger crusades. (Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer with the interview. Buzz also hopped on with CNN's Piers Morgan. Must watch stuff.)