Beginning Monday, November 6, you have the chance to win between $200 to $5,000 of our Sports Bash Cash each week day! As if THAT isn't cool enough on its own, our brand new mobile app could be the key to nabbing some of that cash.

Here's how it works, we'll give out three code words on-air throughout the day, which you'll enter on our website for a chance to win big money! And since you've already downloaded our new handy dandy app, you'll be able to listen around the clock for those code words and enter them right from your phone!

Not at your desk or near a computer when you hear the code word? Don’t worry, that’s where our new app comes in!

By the way, winning cash isn't the ONLY cool thing you can do with our new app. You can also listen to our station LIVE anywhere, anytime, plus have all the latest South Jersey/Philly sports news at your fingertips.

The power of our new app could help you win easy cash, and possibly a cool trip to see a taping of The Voice in Los Angeles, California!

The 97.3 ESPN app is compatible with iPhones and Androids, so download it for free off iTunes or the Google Play Store!

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