When Mike Tyson talks, I listen.

Tyson will be in Atlantic City as part of the Atlantic City Multi-Cultural Heritage Festival Weekend, June 1 – 3.  The Gala will celebrate Atlantic City’s rich boxing history and bring together boxers in this once-in-a-lifetime historic event.

One of the top topics that surrounds Tyson is; Is he one of the best boxers of all-time?

We asked Iron Mike that question and more in a candid interview on the Sports Bash.

He’s fascinating because, just like he was in the boxing ring, he is must-see (or listen) beacuse you never know what is actually going to come out of his mouth.

The former boxer turned actor will talk about boxing at times, but that part of his life his behind him.

Mike Tyson joined The Sports Bash with Mike and Todd to talk about what he remembers from the last time he was in Atlantic City to fight, what it was like being such a feared boxer for a long period of time, what he thinks of the boxing world today and if he ever wants to fight again.

Part I: 

Part II: