Coming down the stretch of the NHL season the Flyers have leaned on Steve Mason in Goal without an NHL experienced  backup.  Over the last few weeks Mason has stood tall and answered all questions about his ability to stay healthy, play like a Number One Goaltender in the NHL, and all other doubts from fans and media.

Flyers Insider Dave Isaac said Wednesday Afternoon on The Sports Bash that Mason staying healthy has been a big deal for the Flyers success, the fans opinions of him, and has been a positive for Mason's mindset:

Elsa/Staff/Getty Images

"Obviously everybody that's a Goalie in the NHL wants to be the guy, wants to be the one that carries the heavy workload. He's had to do it out of necessity here. So the Flyers and probably a good portion of the fan base are saying 'Well thank goodness he hasn't gotten hurt '. And he disagrees with the sentiment that is a likely thing with him, he's pulled himself out of a game this year because he was dehydrated and his leg locked up because of cramps. But he only missed one other game because of injury this year but he still has that preconceived notion working against him that he's a guy that can't stay healthy. So the fact that he has stayed healthy is certainly a positive when the fan base looks at it."

"When he looks at it he says 'You know what, there's really no Plan B'. Anthony Stolarz is probably not going to get a game in when the Flyers are in a playoff races for him to make his NHL debut. If Flyers were to clinch, that's another story. But (Mason) says 'I show up to the rink every day and I know that net is mine'. So I think that mental side is something that has been a positive for Steve Mason and it looks like it'll be that way at least until the Flyers clinch a playoff spot or are mathematically eliminated."

Listen to what Isaac had to say about Wednesday Night's Flyers versus Red Wings matchup in Detroit along with their pursuit of clinching the final Wild Card Playoff Spot