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Barrett Brooks

On for a breakdown. Right off the bat, Brooks said that this Eagles team is not an upper echelon team, but just an above-average team. The play calling was very vanilla and against a team like the Seahawks, you cant have that sort of scheme going into it. The Eagles do not have the QB of the future on this team at this point, Nick Foles was playing the same football as Mark Sanchez, just throwing more INTs. The defense from the Eagles did play some good football, just did not get much help from the offense. Follow Brooks on Twitter. 

Mike Sielski

Columnist for on with Mike and Matt to talk about his column, as well as the Eagles loss yesterday. There's a pretty sizable gap between teams like the Packers and Seahawks when compared to the Eagles. Some of it is due to the system of Chip Kelly, but the Eagles have to upgrade at the QB position. A point during the game in the 4th quarter that saw the Eagles punt the ball was an admission from Chip Kelly that his group is not there yet and can't hang with the upper echelon teams. Read his column here.

Geoff Mosher

On for a Mosher Monday talking about the loss yesterday. Mosher talked about the day Sanchez had missing his wide receivers when they actually were open. Also on the offensive line and the rushing struggles LeSean McCoy had. Mosher also talked about the Cowboys game next Sunday night in saying that the Eagles wont "spank" the Cowboys like they did on Thanksgiving, but Dallas does not have the personnel to beat them at the Linc.

5 Questions

1. Do the Phillies have to trade Cole Hamels?

2. Will and should there be a QB controversy once Nick Foles is healthy?

3. Jay Gruden now threatening to read his players tweets in meetings. Is he in over his head?

4. Do you have a problem with the two referees fist bumping on the field yesterday during Broncos and Bills?

5. Falcons and Pack tonight, whoyagot? Spread is 13.

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