An Atlantic City man who went to Washington, D.C. with his father on Jan 6, 2021, to attend the Trump rally on the National Mall and then entered the U.S. Capitol building with his father pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of impeding law enforcement during a civil disorder.

James Rahm III, known by the nickname JD Rahm, could face as much as five years in prison for the felony crime.

Rahm's father, known as Doug Rahm, chose a bench trial before a federal judge in Washington, who found him guilty of all charges in October 2022 and was sentenced to one year in prison. He remains free pending an appeal of his case, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

JD Rahm said he went with his father that day primarily to video the event. Ironically, it was the video he took with his Go-Pro camera and posted on Twitter that led the FBI to arrest him later.

“Oh, my f— God, we just stormed the Capitol,” Rahm III shouted in one clip posted just moments before he entered the building, according to court documents.

A video posted to Twitter showed Rahm III in front of a crowd of people inside the Capitol who forced officers away from one of the Capitol’s exterior doors and opened them to allow dozens of other rioters inside. Among those who gained entry through those doors was his father.

Though Rahm Jr. deleted all his own social media posts from Jan. 6 in the days after the attack, investigators later uncovered text messages in which he boasted of entering Pelosi’s office with his son.

“I pissed in her office,” he texted one friend, according to an exchange quoted in government court filings. “My son’s got video.”

After the court appearance, Rahm's lawyer said JD Rahm, “is a 100 percent fine young man. He’s a Catholic school-educated, choir boy at his church in Atlantic City, serves in food kitchens, and volunteers with the Boy Scouts."

Rahm is scheduled for sentencing in January.

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