Ever reminisce about some old clubs you and your friends used to hit up when clubbing was a thing in South Jersey and you were in the mood for a wild and crazy night? Clubs that were SO fun, you knew the good times couldn't last forever.

Most of these former hot spots involved nights partying after hours until the sun was on the horizon, but those are the nights my friends and I still talk about to this day.


These were the clubs me and my girls considered ourselves regulars in, circa 2000 to 2004 (ish). I kind of feel like 'clubbing' is a lost pastime now. Even a lost artform, if you will. I don't ever hear anyone say, 'let's go clubbing', anymore.

From Copperfield's to Shooters to Casbah to DeJa'Vu to Iguana (and everywhere in between), how many of these former South Jersey hot spots do YOU remember?

Which of these clubs were your go-to for a fun, eventful night out? And what other wild nightclubs do these photos get YOU thinking about?

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