Check out this dude, scoping out the scene inside a South Jersey water ice shop waiting for the prime opportunity to steal its tip jar right off the counter.

Maybe he should try scooping freezing cold water ice out of a container over and over again for hours at a time. Perhaps he wouldn't have been so callous to steal the little extra cash the employees of The Water Ice Factory on Evesham Ave. in Magnolia make at the end of a day.

The thief, seen in surveillance video below in aviator sunglasses, a light-colored baseball cap, and white t-shirt, waits for workers to turn their backs and attend to other customers before reaching for the tip jar with his right hand.

Then he acts like he did nothing wrong. But The Water Ice Factory noticed, and now Magnolia Police Department has, too.

If you recognize this degenerate, please contact Magnolia Police at 856-784-1884.

I don't mean to pass judgement or be too harsh but COME ON! This kind of behavior is just so frustrating! How much could he have gotten away with? $10 bucks? $20 at the most?

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