Chances are, you'll be seeing a lot of horses on the streets of Cape May County this week.

Sure, that might be a common site during the summer when zillions of people are down here, but it's the middle of November. What gives?

Of course, a good part of the area is known for having a huge number of farms and many of those farms already have horses, but something special is happening over the next several days.

This week, the Cape May County Sheriff's Office will be hosting a Mounted Policing Training Seminar.

Lots of horses

Officials say about 55 horses from six different states as well as federal law enforcement agencies will be in Cape May County honing their skills.

They will be convoying to different training locations both in the north and south ends of the County. We ask you to be patient and respectful of the trailers and horses if you encounter them during your travels.

Officials say there will be formation rides in the City of Cape May and in the Crest Haven area of Middle Township, so please exercise extra caution if you will be out driving.

And a note of caution from the Cape May County Sheriff's Office:

As many of you know, we love interacting with the public! Keep in mind that during this week these horses are working, training and on a tight schedule, so may not be able to stop for pictures or to talk.

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Chad Hansen Wild Horse Photography

Gallery Credit: Kolby Fedore, Townsquare Media

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