In the 2020 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles first two draft picks had the same first name: Jalen Reagor and Jalen Hurts.  Both men had a rollercoaster rookie season and the hope is that with a more traditional NFL Offseason, the two players entering their second season with the Eagles will be put into a better position to succeed in the 2021 season.

Jalen Reagor was a guest on Bleacher Reports' The Lefkoe Show, hosted by Adam Lefkoe, and Reagor gave insights about Jalen Hurts and his observations of the 2019 Heisman Trophy Finalist:

“All I tell people is he’s a winner....He is a very versatile quarterback; He’s smart and just the aura of him, he comes into the huddle and commands the huddle. He did not let being a rookie dictate how he played or how his swagger...he keeps the same swagger."

These are the type of intangibles that I wrote about last week with Jalen Hurts, the leadership qualities and maturity are beyond what many would expect for a young man at that age.  Reagor goes on to talk about his relationship with Hurts:

"We talked maybe two days ago. We talked for an hour about what are we trying to do, where are we trying to go into this season, this offseason, and how we trying to hit the ground running. We have the same mindset. We really see eye to eye.”

Jalen Reagor also elaborated about how Jalen Hurts is consistently the same guy with the same work ethic no what happened in 2020:

“Even when the Carson (Wentz stuff) happened, before everything happened, he’s been the same. - He comes to practice, he comes to work.  Even when he was on the scout team, he’s out there making the defense work.  He’s been the same person, and that’s why when his name was called, he was ready.”

Reagor is not the first player from the 2020 Eagles season to speak highly of Jalen Hurts but he probably wont be the last either considering how Hurts carries himself and it seems like no one has anything negative to say about him.

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