In that splendidly spectacular 8-4 rout of the Penguins. Score two for the home side.

Said Roenick, to Mike Gill on Monday, when asked if the Flyers are in the Penguins' heads after Sunday's winner, that bumped their Eastern Conference Quarterfinals series edge to three games to none:

"Absolutely. Pittsburgh's in a funk right now. They're a deer in headlights right now. I think they're actually shocked that this is even happening to them, and that the frustration is showing through.

"Crosby has been ineffective. And I say 'ineffective' in terms of Crosby goes (sic). The best player in the world. Yes, he has a couple goals in this series.

"But yesterday, in that game at Philly, he was totally lost and intimidated."

Which, yeah, at this point, is pretty needless to say.

Still, given JR's world-renowned cred, and the unrivaled pleasure that is beating up on the Penguins -- and then beating up on them while they're down -- it's totally worth noting. Maybe even twice.

(This story was written by Matt Hammond, he can be reached at

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