Former Phillies pitching coach Joe Kerrigan seemed to throw water on the Roy Halladay fire that's been burning since spring.

Kerrigan called into "The Sportsbash" today and told Mike Gill and Todd Ranck that pitchers experience soreness and issues with their throwing arm all the time.

"I don't understand all the hub bub with this. Halladay only made two starts with the soreness, pitchers experience this type of thing all the time and I'm sure his bullpen went well," Kerrigan said.

Halladay was placed on the 15-day disabled list with 'shoulder inflammation' and has since flown to Los Angeles to be evaluated further.

But it was Halladay's admission in his post game comments over the weekend to the media that has garnered much criticism that he hid the injury from management.

"If he doesn't tell you that he's hurt then you have to take him at his word," Kerrigan said.

Kerrigan also talked about the state of the Phillies and called this 'an evaluation' period and after 60 games and where you are with what you have is when reality will set in.

The Phillies play the Giants in the second game of their 7-game road trip tonight with Kyle Kendrick on the mound.

Joe Kerrigan on "The Sportsbash:"