At the Jersey Shore, the town of Avalon has a rich history that, like its sister town of Stone Harbor, goes back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the aftermath of Aaron Leaming buying the island in 1722, the Leaming family owned what is today known as "Seven Mile Island" for the next 100 years, the area we know today as Avalon and Stone Harbor were used for cattle along with timber farming. The island received its first buildings in the 1800s for wealthy families and excursionists visiting the island frequently.

When the Seven Mile Beach Company made a consolidated purchase of the entire island in 1887, they established the northern section of the island with the purpose of developing it as an upscale, exclusive resort that would have a direct railroad line from the mainland onto the island thanks to the West Jersey Railroad.

The town was named in honor of the King Arthur legend of the destination castle on the Welsh Island. The purpose of naming the town with such a mythical name was a part of real estate developers marketing the Jersey Shore Island town as the "Jewel of the Jersey Coast".

In the 130 years after the borough of Avalon was established, the town has grown from being a destination resort town for wealthy vacationers from the Philadelphia area to a resort town for all types of visitors from all over the United States. According to the 2010 Census, the Summer Population can swell up to 36,000 during the summer months. So whether you are vacationing in South Jersey or a local to the area, here are some restaurants to check out in Avalon:

17 Restaurants is visit in Avalon, NJ - Alphabetical Order

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