New Jersey American Water has a statewide initiative that started in 2021 to replace Lead and Galvanized Steel Water lines throughout the Garden State. The company is spending $3.8 Million to replace the water lines in a South Jersey town during the Spring and Fall of 2024.

According to the New Jersey American Water Press Release, the company has hired contractors who will be replacing over one mile of main water lines in Ocean City.  The entire project is estimated to take a total of four months to replace service lines, water mains, Fire Hydrants, and any customer-owned service lines that have been identified as being comprised of galvanized steel or lead piping.

Corner of 4th street and West Avenue in Ocean City, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

There are water lines in Ocean City that date back as far as 1900 and the goal is to upgrade the four and six-inch water lines with new 8-inch Ductile Water Mains. This will improve water pressure and availability across the entire island along with making water treatment easier in the Shore Town.

Here are the Ocean City streets that New Jersey American Water is replacing the water mains this year:

*Fourth Street from West Avenue to Asbury Avenue
*Fifth Street from West Avenue to Asbury Avenue
*West Avenue from Third Street to Fifth Street
*West Avenue from Sixth Street to Ninth Street
*Central Avenue from 28th Street to 34th Street
* 31st Street from Central Avenue to Asbury Avenue

Corner of 31st Street and Central Avenue in Ocean City, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

The Road Work to replace the Water Mains in Ocean City is scheduled for 7 am to 530 pm and the corresponding Traffic Detours are expected to be Monday through Friday. The plan is for the first phase of Road Work during the Winter and Spring months with the goal to be finished ahead of Memorial Day Weekend.  The second phase of work will start in the Fall of 2024 with the same schedule for Traffic Detours as in the Spring months.

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