Many streaming companies are actively cutting down on the sharing of logins and passwords as some customers try to avoid paying for their services.  Companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ have placed a cap on the number of devices a paying customer can be logged in to along with monitoring how many different IP Addresses they are accessing accounts.

While the sharing of streaming passwords is considered acceptable among family members, there are some dangers to sharing these login credentials beyond your inner circle of people. Many of these accounts have people's credit card and bank information stored, opening the door for scammers to steal information.  New Jersey was recently revealed to be the top ten Most scammed online in the United States.

New Jersey Top Ten Most Hate Paying For Streaming

The website Secure Data Recovery surveyed people from across America to find out how many people are actively Password Sharing the streaming services they pay for. Their research found that 69% of Americans admit to having used someone else's login for streaming services in the past and almost one-quarter of United States residents (24.8%) are sharing Netflix User Credentials.

According to the results of their survey, New Jersey is tied for tenth on the list of States whose residents borrow Stream Service Passwords the most. Their research shows that almost Seven of every Ten New Jersey residents are borrowing Streaming Service Login Credentials, tying them with the state of Massachusetts.

New Jersey at 67 percent is significantly higher than their neighboring states of Pennsylvania (58.7%) and New York (59.2%).

Here are the Top 15 states who Borrow Streaming Service Logins Most:

1. California
2. Ohio
3. Florida
4. Illinois
5. Utah
6. Virginia
7. Tennessee
8. North Carolina
9. Texas
10. New Jersey and Massachusetts are tied
12. Georgia
13. Connecticut
14. Missouri
15. Mississippi

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

According to the research done by the website Secure Data Recovery, here are the top Streaming Services that Americans are sharing the most:

1. Netflix 24.8%
2. Disney+ 19.1%
3. Max (formerly HBO) 17.5%
4. Hulu 17.2%
5. Amazon Prime 14.6%
6. Paramount+ 11%
7. Peacock 9.1%
8. Apple TV+ 5.4%
9. YouTube TV 4.7%
10. Sling TV 1.6%

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