Remember watching the show Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? We all were either in shock or laughing at the contestants who didn't know the answers to Elementary Education Level questions.

Well, now we know which of these United States are "Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" thanks to the latest research.  The website OnlineCasinos surveyed thousands of people from "Sea to Shinning Sea" to find out if they could correctly answer 10 Elementary Level of Education Test Questions.

The average overall score for surveyed participants was 81.8% which means many people only got eight out of ten questions right. More than half of the people did not know what the Capital of Canada is (Ottawa is the Canadian capital city in case you were wondering).

How Does New Jersey's Knowledge Compare To Other States

The Good News is the state of New Jersey is smarter than the average American at Elementary level Geography.  The Garden State landed as the sixth-best state in Geography Knowledge with surveyed participants averaging 85.3% correct answers score.  This means New Jersey is above the National Average.

Here is the list of the top ten states that scored the highest average correct answers:

1: Minnesota (88.6%)
2: Montana (88.3%)
3: New Mexico (87.8%)
4: Delaware (87.0%)
5: Massachusetts (86.8%)
6: New Jersey (85.3%)
7: Oregon (85.2%)
8: Iowa (85.0%)
9: New York (85.0%)
10: Nevada (84.0%)

Based on these results, it appears certain sections of the United States are the most Geographically Literate. Four states from the Mid-Atlantic Northeastern section of the USA land in the top ten while two states from the Southeastern section of the country along with two from the mid-western states rank higher than the average geography score.

Although making regional stereotypes about Geography Knowledge may not be a good idea since the bottom four states in elementary-level geography are Rhode Island (71.7%), Alabama (71.8%), Nebraska (78.3%), and West Virginia (78.3%).

Aside from many United States citizens not knowing what the Canadian capital City is (48.67% had the correct answer), less than two-thirds of Americans know what the world's largest continent is, with only 64.73% answering correctly (The answer is Asia and not North America).

Since New Jersey is also not home to the 50 Worst Colleges and Universities, maybe we can say the Garden State residents are "Smarter than A Fifth Grader".

Of course, there are some stereotypes that are true about New Jersey residents and you can check out the list below:

Here Are 11 New Jersey Stereotypes That Are Actually True

We have to admit...these stereotypes are right!

Gallery Credit: Austyn

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