Finally you can book that fall trip to your favorite NFL city.

After a long wait, the NFL will release it's 2014 schedule tonight for all 32 teams.

ESPN will broadcast a special NFL Live starting at 8 p.m. est. NFL Network will air its coverage as well.

All 32 teams have known their opponents for awhile now, but now we will learn exact dates and times for the upcoming season.

For the Eagles, their opponents this season are as follows:

HOME                                                                            AWAY

Dallas Cowboys                                                            Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants                                                           New York Giants

Washington Redskins                                                   Washington Redskins

Carolina Panthers                                                          Arizona Cardinals

Jacksonville Jaguars                                                     Green Bay Packers

Seattle Seahawks                                                         Houston Texans

St. Louis Rams                                                             Indianapolis Colts

Tennessee Titans                                                          San Francisco 49ers


In a difference from last season, the Eagles will play a first place schedule with opponents coming from the NFC West and AFC South division teams.

If you're a Rams fan reading this for some odd reason, try your chance at $100,000.

As always, tune into 97.3 ESPN and 'The Sportsbash' for a full overview of all 16 of the Eagles opponents for the upcoming 2014 season.