The NHL has officially canceled it's regular season games through Nov. 1st due to an ongoing labor dispute with it's players.

No new talks have been scheduled.

The news comes a day after three NHLPA counter-proposals were rejected by the league's owners.

Earlier this week things looked optimistic when the two parties met in Toronto with a proposal to the players that included a 50/50 split of league revenue and an 80-game schedule beginning Nov. 2nd.

"We very much want to propose an 82-game season and in that light we made an offer really," Bettman told reporters on Tuesday.

With games now officially canceled through Nov. 1st, a full 82 game schedule is, albeit bleak, still possible.

A total of 135 games have been canceled this season.

The NHL is embattled in it's third lockout since 1994.

--Pete Giordano