The holiday season is here, which means more food, fun, and festivities. But that’s no excuse to toss healthy eating aside.

  • Bring a healthier option to parties, such as a fruit platter or fun holiday trail mix that you and other guests could enjoy.
  • Don’t skip meals on “big” eating days; this may lead to overeating during mealtime.
  • When it comes to desserts, look at all the options before adding them to your plate.
  • Choose a dessert that is fruit-based.
  • Try Greek yogurt with added pumpkin puree as a great alternative to pumpkin pie! You could even crumble graham crackers on top.
  • Plan to take a walk or do some type of physical activity with your family after a bigger meal.
  • Continue to follow the MyPlate guidelines during holidays, making half your plate fruits and veggies.

For more free, healthy tips, contact me, Ashley Bannister, the in-store dietitian of Shop Rite of Hammonton & Landis.

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