The Eagles are officially halfway through their 2019 season at 4-4.

How does the individual statistics look for the offense?

It's time to do some box score scouting as we dive into the current statistics and 16-game projections for key offensive players after the first eight games of the season.


QB Carson Wentz

8-game statistics- 62.1% COMP% 1,821 YDS 14 TD 4 INT 94.0 Rating

16-game pace- 62.1% COMP% 3,642 YDS 28 TD 8 INT 94.0 Rating


NOTES- The 2019 version of Carson Wentz looks far more similar to the 2017 MVP-candidate than the 2018 QB that was a shell of himself with a fractured back.

He is making the same wow plays when structure breaks down, he has been elite on third down and in the red zone, and Wentz holds the active streak for consecutive games with a passing touchdown.

His 94.0 passer rating is fourth in the NFL and his 68.5 QBR is second.

While the completion percentage is -7% compared to last year, the Eagles lead the league in drops. Adjust the drops and the percentage is closer to 70 than 60.

Take away a drop on final drives against the Falcons and Lions? Wentz would have two game-winning touchdown passes on final possessions as part of a 6-2 start to the season.


RB Jordan Howard

8-game statistics- 100 ATT 443 YDS 4.4 YDS/ATT 5 TD 9 REC 68 YDS 1 TD

16-game pace- 200 ATT 886 YDS 4.4 YDS/ATT 10 TD 18 REC 138 YDS 2 TD

RB Miles Sanders 

8-game statistics- 66 ATT 294 YDS 4.5 YDS/ATT 1 TD 19 REC 274 YDS 1 TD

16-game pace- 132 ATT 588 YDS 4.5 YDS/ATT 2 TD 38 REC 548 YDS 2 TD


NOTES- The running backs don't matter crowd might not be watching the Eagles in 2019. The run game has been able to help the Eagles take down juggernaut defenses like Green Bay and Buffalo.

The offensive line has led the way but a significant upgrade in RB talent with Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard added has been vital to any success the offense has had.

Howard was the steal of the offseason for the Eagles. The RB that has carried the majority of carries during the first half of the season looks like the 2016 tailback that was second in rushing as a rookie.

He has been as difficult to bring down as LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi were in 2017. His pass protection has been strong. And he has shown to be a more nimble and productive receiver than many thought.

It has been a work in progress when it comes to running the football for Sanders. The rookie has, however, proven to be the all-around weapon Philadelphia envisioned him being when they selected the Penn State RB in the second round this offseason.

Especially as a receiver. Of the 10 25+ yard plays this year on offense, Sanders has provided seven of them.

He leads all rookies in all-purpose yards with 709. Sanders is also the only rookie with 200+ rushing and receiving yards.

There is this also.

Sanders has been the Eagles only source of explosive play-making without DeSean Jackson.


TE Zach Ertz

8-game statistics- 37 REC 424 YDS 11.5 YDS/REC 1 TD

16-game pace- 74 REC 848 YDS 11.5 YDS/REC 2 TD

WR Alshon Jeffery 

8-game statistics- 30 REC 317 YDS 10.6 YDS/REC 3 TD 1 ATT 2 YDS 1 TD

16-game pace- 60 REC 624 YDS 10.6 YDS/REC 6 TD 2 ATT 4 YDS 2 TD

*Jeffery caught a touchdown lined up deep behind the line of scrimmage Week 1 vs Washington. It counted as a rushing touchdown.

WR Nelson Agholor 

8-game statistics- 29 REC 261 YDS 9 YDS/REC 3 TD 2 ATT 7 YDS

16-game pace- 58 REC 522 YDS 9 YDS/REC 6 TD 4 ATT 14 YDS

TE Dallas Goedert 

8-game statistics- 17 REC 182 YDS 10.7 YDS/REC 3 TD

16-game pace- 34 REC 364 YDS 10.7 YDS/REC 6 TD

WR DeSean Jackson 

8-game statistics- 8 REC 154 YDS 19.3 YDS/REC 2 TD

16-game pace- 16 REC 338 YDS 19.3 YDS/REC 4 TD

WR Mack Hollins

8-game statistics- 10 REC 125 YDS 12.5 YDS/REC 0 TD

16-game pace- 20 REC 250 YDS 12.5 YDS/REC 0 TD


NOTES- What was once seen as a strength of the Eagles roster has been arguably the biggest weakness.

DeSean Jackson burst onto the scene in his return to Philadelphia Week 1 but has not played since due to an abdomen injury.

Without Jackson, receivers not named Alshon Jeffery haven't made any plays for Wentz.

Nelson Agholor has regressed. He looks more like the 2016 player that many wanted cut rather than the incredible comeback story of 2017 and 2018.

He is the only source of speed at WR without Jackson, and he has the lowest catch percentage of catchable deep balls (according to Pro Football Focus).

JJ Arecega-Whiteside hasn't been able to get on the field over Mack Hollins who doesn't have a catch in his last 100+ snaps.

Defenses haven't feared this unit and as a result, Zach Ertz has seen a dip in production.

The veteran TE is still on pace for over 800 yards but he has just one touchdown.

Ertz has struggled to make plays consistently over the last month.

On the bright side, Jeffery and Dallas Goedert have been the red zone weapons the Eagles expected them to be.

The two have seven combined touchdowns and are on pace for 14.



RG Brandon Brooks- Highest graded OG in the NFL per PFF 

RT Lane Johnson- 8th highest graded OT in the NFL per PFF

C Jason Kelce- 7th highest graded C in the NFL per PFF

LG Issac Seaumalo- 56th highest graded OG in the NFL per PFF 

LT Jason Peters- 9th highest graded LT in the NFL per PFF 


NOTES- The Eagles offensive line has been the most consistent unit on the team.

Brandon Brooks tore his Achilles less than a year ago and has still received the highest grade of any offensive lineman this season.

The trio of Kelce, Brooks, and Johnson on the right side has taken over games multiple times this year on the ground.

Both Peters and rookie Andre Dillard have been excellent protecting the blindside of Wentz.

Seaumalo has had some lows this year, but there have been some really high highs as well.

The offensive line deserves a huge amount of credit for saving the season last week in Buffalo. They should get a lot of the credit for two wins against Washington and Green Bay as well.

They were unstoppable in the second half of those games.


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