Jason Cole

With Bleacher Report joined Mike Gill to talk about the sudden front office changes that transpired with the Eagles. Cole had the report that it was Howie Roseman who had to talk Chip Kelly *out* of selecting Jordan Matthews in the first round. Cole also talked about this offense moving forward. Is this just a stat producing offense? Could be. Follow Cole on Twitter.

KC Joyner

A Divisional round playoff preview with The Football Scientist, KC Joyner. Mike Gill talks with Joyner about all four games this weekend and which team(s) have the best chance for an upset. Joyner likes the Cowboys to pull this thing out. A lot does have to do with the injury to Aaron Rodgers, but the way they are playing it could happen. Joyner also talks a little Eagles as well. Follow Joyner on Twitter.

Adam Caplan

Front office changes with Adam Caplan of ESPN Insiders. Caplan gave us the timeline of how this whole thing went down and IF indeed there was any ultimatums delivered. Caplan doesnt think so, it didnt get to that point. But if Jeffrey Lurie decided to reject any power play attempt from Kelly, there would be "Armageddon." What went down is basically "Chip Kelly took control of the situation before it took control of him," according to Caplan. He also says that there is "zero chance" Jeremy Maclin does not return to the Eagles this season. Follow Adam Caplan on Twitter.