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Here is today’s show: Tuesday June 17th, 2014

Andy Katz

ESPN NCAA analyst Andy Katz called in today to talk about the NBA Draft that is happening next Thursday on 97.3 ESPN FM. The Sixers have the third and tenth overall picks as we know and Katz has the Sixers selecting Andrew Wiggins at that third position. Katz has Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker going 1 and 2 in any order and that would leave Wiggins for the Sixers at 3. Wiggins is a great fit on the Sixers with MCW and the city would love him, he could have an Allen Iverson type impact on the team. Katz also talks about who could be available at 10, if it's Julius Randle...you better take him. Follow Katz on Twitter.


Jayson Stark

On here to promote his new book thats out in bookstores right now: Wild Pitches: Rumblings, Grumblings, and Reflections on the Game I Love. Stark also talked some Phillies baseball and Jimmy Rollins, now the all-time leader in hits for the Phillies and whether or not he is a HoFer. Rollins also said that he is willing to waive to 10/5 rights if the team is going to be "blown up." On Chase Utley: "Thats not going to happen," according to Stark. Utley may be the best bat available if he was out there, but Stark just doesn't see it happening. Stark also cautions that if fans want to blow things up, it's more "be careful what you wish for." Check out Stark's page on Amazon.

Philadelphia Daily News covering the Sixers talked about Andrew Wiggins visit to Philadelphia these last two days and what he saw, if anything, from the ex-Kansas star. Cooney said that 3 days is an awfully long time for a player to be in for workouts. It makes you wonder that if the Sixers had Wiggins in for 3 days, they can't realistically sit at 3 and hope that Wiggins falls to you. Cooney does not foresee Thad Young on the Sixers when the season starts and that they'll try to be fair to him because he isn't part of this rebuild. Cooney is not a big fan of Julius Randle. Follow Cooney on Twitter.

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