ESPN senior football writer KC Joyner joined Mike Gill and Matt Segal on “The Sports Bash” to discuss some Philadelphia Eagles football. Joyner had this to say about Eagles QB Nick Foles.

“He was the best quarterback in the league at not making bad decisions, better than anybody else,” said Joyner. “I’m leaning towards he’s going to be a very good starter. He was near the top of the league in yards per attempt, vertical yards per attempt. I don’t want to call him a system quarterback, but Chip Kelly has been superb over the years at finding ways to get the best out of his players and put his players in situations that they can be successful in. I think Foles can repeat what he did last year and if he does that that’s good enough for Philly to compete for the Super Bowl.”

As far as the NFC East is concerned, Joyner thinks it’s going to come down to the Eagles and the rival New York Giants.

“I look at the Giants and I say they didn’t play anywhere near to their talent level last season and if they’re healthy and can play to their talent level this year, they can definitely give the Eagles a run for their money,” said Joyner.

WEEI in Boston’s Chris Price also joined “The Sports Bash” and discussed the joint practices between the Eagles and the New England Patriots and what he saw from Zach Ertz.

“He got a lot of love from Patriots defenders, I will say that,” said Price. “They all talked about how Ertz was able to get some separation, they were impressed with his hands, impressed with what he brought to the field, impressed with his approach to the game. I was talking with Rob Ninkovich and he is a big fan of Zach Ertz and I think if he is able to build off what he did last year and take another step forward, based on what we’ve seen from him up year, I think the sky’s the limit for a guy like that.”

Ky Carlin contributed to this report.