Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro has been quite active during this 2015 MLB trade deadline. After shipping Johnathan Papelbon off to the Nationals, Cole Hamels was sent to Texas. Amaro talked about the process of negotiations in saying that he and Jon Daniels have been working on this trade for "6-8 months." Amaro said that the Phillies with their "economic muscle" were able to bring in talent with talent, but also with "dollars and cents, as well." Catching prospect Jorge Alfaro was the prize of this trade and his ankle injury is not expected to hinder him long term. Amaro also said that he "is the GM" and this trade went down just like any other trade he's made. Ownership did have to approve the deal with so much money involved, however. Check out Cole Hamels final press conference with the Phillies.