PHILADELPHIA ( - Both Jim Schwartz and John DeFilippo will have opportunities to take the next step in their professional careers this week but their current boss isn't concerned about the future impacting the work at hand.

Both Schwartz, who has lined up interviews with the New York Giants and Arizona, as well as DeFilippo, who will be discussing the big chair with the Cardinals and Chicago, need to multitask this week because their current job descriptions require getting the Eagles prepared against three potential divisional-round opponents that are all from the NFC South, Atlanta, New Orleans or Carolina.

"Having gone through it a couple years ago myself, I think the one thing that's going for these two gentlemen is the fact this is a bye week for us, and we're not game planning specifically for a game this week," Pederson said when discussing his liutenants interviewing elsewhere. "So it's a little bit easier from the standpoint of that."

Without actually knowing who the opponent will be on Jan. 13 at Lincoln Financial Field, this serves as more of a self-scout week with the heavy game-specific stuff not being implemented until next week.

Meanwhile, the logistics of the interviews are that teams come to Schwartz and DeFilippo in Philadelphia and no interviews will take place during the Eagles' scheduled practice days of Wednesday and Thursday.

"They have to balance the job that they have here and making sure that we're ready for practice tomorrow and the next day, and that's first and foremost," Pederson said. "And listen, they put the Eagles first anyway, and they're going to continue to do that while they're here. So, it's a little bit of a fine line, but having an off week helps."

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