PHILADELPHIA ( - Even before the Eagles won Super Bowl LII, you got a snapshot into Doug Pederson's psyche when a Boston-area reporter asked the Eagles head coach about the potential of creating a Bill Belichick/Tom Brady-like dynasty with Carson Wentz in Philadelphia.

"Even in some of the quiet moments I try to envision that, in this league, if you have a quarterback, and you do things right and surround him with talented players and coaches, yeah, you can have a long career in this business and have the success those two gentlemen (Brady and Belichick) have had,” Pederson said days before the Super Bowl.

The Eagles head coach now already has one Lombardi Trophy and an impressive 23-12 record (including the postseason) in two seasons as an NFL head coach and Pederson believes this is just the beginning.

Asked what the message was before his players cleaned out their lockers on Wednesday at the NovaCare Complex, Pederson embraced the high standards that accompany success.

"Get used to this," he said. "This is the new norm in Philadelphia, playing and hopefully playing into February every year. It's the new norm, so get used to it. Short off-seasons and let's do that."

The reality of the NFL in the free-agency era is there will be change and usually significant change for every team, even the most successful one.

But, the Patriots have proven that is the core is in place and you develop a winning DNA, long-term success is possible even with the constant revolving door when it comes to personnel.

"As you know, the nature of the business is you can't keep everybody," Pederson admitted. "It's just the way it goes. But the ones that are here, you know, my mindset is to be back again, to do it again and to keep doing it and to keep doing it."

And what type of players does Pederson want in back again and again?

"These guys are well-deserving of everything now that they are going to be exposed to in the coming weeks and coming months," he explained. "There's a side of success that's not the glamorous side and it's the side that [includes questions like] who is going to hold out in OTAs? Who is going to want the next big contract? Who is going to miss ‘this’ or ‘that’ for an endorsement deal or an autograph signing? It's the not-so-glamorous side of success. That was a little bit of the messaging this morning to the guys.

"... The guys that want to be a part of [the new norm] will do that. They will want to be here."

The hits will come, though, and it could start with Pederson's right-hand man when it comes to his offense. Frank Reich will interview to become the head coach in Indianapolis on Friday.

Reich already explained why Pederson is ready to handle any potential pothole, however, when talking to after Sunday's Super Bowl win.

"Doug is a star," Reich gushed. "He doesn't want to be but he's a star."

A star who has created a new norm in Philadelphia.

"My whole mentality, the reason I get into this business is to just win, just to win," Pederson said. "I don't care who gets the credit. I want to help a team succeed and be successful on and off the football field. It's what I did in high school and that's what I hope I'm doing here, and just stay humble, stay grounded, be me. Don't change, work hard and I think good things will happen."


The Eagles started their offseason work on Wednesday by signing six players that had been on the practice squad: receivers Bryce Treggs, Greg Ward and Rashard Davis as well as offensive guard Darrell Greene, cornerback D.J. Killings and safety Tre Sullivan.

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