ESPN and Outside The Lines broke a massive story this week involving two of the biggest stars in baseball: Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun.

Pedro Gomez, who has been at the center of the investigating since the beginning joined Mike Gill and Todd Ranck on "The Sportsbash" on Thursday to talk about what will follow after Biogenisis founder/chemist and PED supplier Tony Bosch meets the MLB investigators to implicate dozens of MLB players.

"If he shows investigators what he's told them, it could be bombshell after bombshell after bombshell," Gomez said.

It's been thought that any player suspended due to these implications will file an appeal to prolong the process and keep it confidential until a final verdict, but Gomez insisted that the suspended players have to remain united.

Gomez, along with his colleague T.J. Quinn have reported that MLB will pursue 100 game suspensions for Rodriguez and Braun. Both players have remained mum on the report this week, Rodriguez continues to rehab from off season hip surgery and is out of action.

A report surfaced today saying before Bosch cut a deal with MLB, he approached Rodriguez for money in return for silence, Rodriguez declined.

In April, Gomez interviewed Bosch in Miami where he denied any connection to the supply and distribution of PEDs to MLB players.

Biogenisis has been since shut down.

Pedro Gomez on "The Sportsbash:"