The dust has settled from opening night of the 2023 NHL Draft. The Flyers were certainly busy on Wednesday with two picks in the first round, and two chances to build part of their future.

On Day 2, they figure to be even busier.

The Flyers have eight total draft picks on Day 2, but will not be on the clock again until the third round. Here’s a quick look at the Flyers selections entering Day 2.

  • 3rd Round, 87th Overall (from NYR)
  • 3rd Round, 95th Overall (from FLA)
  • 4th Round, 103rd Overall
  • 4th Round, 120th Overall (from EDM)
  • 5th Round, 135th Overall
  • 6th Round, 167th Overall
  • 6th Round, 172nd Overall (from OTT)
  • 7th Round, 199th Overall

Before the Flyers make their first selection, there will be 54 other picks made. That provides a lot of time for things to change in draft strategy.

Obviously, the Flyers could look to use some of the picks they have to move up if possible. There are also always trades to be explored following current roster players that could net a quality pick.

For example, if the Flyers were able to change back into the early portion of the second round, there are several draft hopefuls who slipped out of the first round on Wednesday. Gracyn Sawchyn, Andrew Cristall, Gavin Brindley, and Riley Heidt are forwards that could have easily been off the board before Day 2. 

After no trades were made in Round 1, expect much more activity throughout Day 2 across the league. But, assuming the Flyers hold onto each of their picks from here on out, there will be a lot more picks made in an attempt to fill out certain positions on the roster. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a goalie selection somewhere in the middle rounds, for example. 

This also doesn’t mean the Flyers will stray from choosing the best player available on their board. That’s the best path to organizational depth, making those picks over multiple drafts.

In the process, if you can do something that helps better your team as soon as possible, you have to explore it. It’s why you can expect Danny Briere to be attempting to move around in the draft.

Still, as much as Day 1 and the first round set the foundation for the core of your team, it is the finds, the diamonds in the rough, that teams draft on Day 2 that can have the biggest impact at the most important moment for a championship team. The Flyers will be in search of some of those hidden gems.

Day 2 of the NHL Draft gets underway at 11 a.m.

Kevin Durso is Flyers insider for 97.3 ESPN. Follow him on Twitter @Kevin_Durso.

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