When former Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg decided to step away ahead of an impending ownership change, then-third base coach Pete Mackanin could have declined to be interim manager.  In taking that role in mid-2015, Mackanin had very little job security and the Phillies rebuild had not really hit full speed and the Phillies young talent was not sniffing the Major Leagues yet.  Today, the Phillies announced that Mackanin will be the Phillies skipper through 2018, with an option for 2019.

When Mackanin took the interim job initially, he would be taking his third interim managerial job.  After serving in that capacity for the Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates, Mackanin was unable to land a permanent job. Mackanin joined the Phillies coaching staff in 2009 and after being away from the Phillies in 2013 returned as third base coach, before becoming interim manager in 2015.

Mackanin was invited back for 2016, and during the 2016 season was extended to include 2017 and a 2018 option.   Mackanin gets the same extension: one more year guaranteed and one more option.   The Phillies had yet to pick up the 2018 extension, leaving Mackanin as somewhat of a lame duck up until this point.

Mackanin is generally perceived by people around baseball as a good manager in the Phillies situation.  Mackanin is not overbearing to young players who might need some discipline, but has the respect of his players.  Thus, Mackanin will be with the Phillies as they turn the corner and their young talent rises to the big leagues.

In his Phillies managerial career, Mackanin is 121-161.

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