Major League Baseball last week proposed an 82-game season with reduced salaries for players.  That did not go over well with players, and several players publicly expressed their disappointment with the deal, with Nationals ace Max Scherzer suggesting that the players would not even offer a counter proposal.  However, one did come from the players and it is far from the MLB proposal.

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Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported late Sunday night that the Major League Baseball Players Association submitted a proposal to MLB on Sunday afternoon.  That proposal included the following elements:

  • A 114 game season
  • That "high risk" players could sit out the season with pay
  • Any player can sit out the season for no pay
  • A second salary advance during Spring Training (previously the players were fronted money)

In return, the players are willing to do the following to add revenue:

  • Have two years of expanded playoffs, not just 2020
  • Deferral of up to $100 million in salaries (with interest)
  • Players would agree to "broadcast enhancements" to add value, including having live mics on players
  • Potential for a Home Run Derby and All-Star game after the season

It's unlikely that MLB would simply accept this offer and set up the return of Spring Training.

The big takeaway is that the players still seem committed to stick with the March 26th agreement in which players agreed to pro-rate their salaries for games played less than 162. That is not even addressed in this report.  Are players just moving forward as if that agreement will stand?



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