Someone is always watching you, especially in a casino.

According to Robert Klemko of MMQB, the ACPD has in their possession video evidence of Ravens RB Ray Rice assaulting his fiancee Janay Palmer and knocking her unconscious at Revel Casino.

It has not been released.

This is the second piece of damning video evidence against Rice in his assault charge.

Earlier this week, TMZ released a video showing Rice dragging a seemingly unconscious woman out of an elevator before being stopped a security guard. It is unknown when that video was taken and how Palmer was unconscious. According to a source, that video was made public by a cell phone taking video of the Revel security camera.

Klemko also cites sources believing that a suspension will be levied against Rice by the NFL.

Rice is a first time violator of the strict NFL Personal Conduct Policy and Rice may not be suspended at all, the league has been known to be lenient for first time offenders.

Rice, nor his fiancee Palmer have come out publicly with a statement, rather their attorney has done much of the damage control.

Rice and Palmer are both due in Atlantic City Municipal Court early next week.