According to TMZ Sports, Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Corey Crawford is being investigated by police for allegedly spraying a heckling fan in the face with a water bottle.

It happened during the 3rd period of Monday night's Blackhawks/Kings game, Crawford was being pulled off the ice for poor play and as he sat on the bench he turned around and squirted the heckling fan with his water bottle.

TMZ Sports spoke with Clark Wong, who filed a battery report with police, and Wong told them that his eyes have been irritated and he plans to visit a doctor.

TMZ cites sources claiming that Wong was ejected with three to five minutes remaining in the game for 'taunting the players.'

The Blackhawks were blown out 5-2.

It's no secret that players in all sports have to deal with heckling, opposing fans on a daily basis, but that does not excuse the point that they need not to engage in altercations with those fans. Stadium security is more than qualified in being able to handle rogue fans causing trouble.

No word yet if the LAPD plans to pursue this matter.