For the last couple of years, the NHL has put an emphasis on growing the global landscape of the league by playing games in various countries from Germany to Sweden to China and more. The Flyers are reportedly going to join the group of teams that have made a trip overseas to play part of their NHL schedule.

According to reports, the Flyers will open the 2019-20 season with a European trip. While speculation is that the team will play in Prague, Czech Republic, no further details have been confirmed. The location and opponent is to be announced. An official announcement is set for March 21.

Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer had the initial report that the Flyers would play in Europe. Dave Isaac of the Courier Post added that the Los Angeles Kings were a possible opponent, but again, nothing has been confirmed yet. Anthony SanFilippo of Crossing Broad added more details, saying that it would also be the Kings for a pair of games and the two games would be held in Prague.

At this point, it seems like the Flyers are certainly going to be part of the Global Series that the NHL has been showcasing over the last couple of years. One telling sign that this will happen actually came from fans. When season ticket information went out to current season ticket holders, they were charged for 43 home games, not 44 (41 regular season games and three preseason games). Being one game short is an indication that there will be a neutral-site home game, and with the outdoor games for next season already announced, it will not be for an event like that.

Where the Flyers play and who they play remains a mystery.

Prague certainly makes sense because the Flyers do have some connections to Czech Republic with Jake Voracek and Radko Gudas on the roster. As for the opponent, a divisional opponent would make a lot of sense, but it could also be easy to take care of a Western Conference "home and home" of sorts and end the season series right at the beginning while showcasing both teams on a national scale.

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